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Resource Booker is a flexible, intuative, Cloud-based solution which enables students and staff to make and manage their own room and resource bookings. Optimise use of your space and equipment whilst maintaining granular control over what could be booked, when and by whom.

With Resource Booker, anything can be defined as a bookable resource: a room, a microscope, a car park space, a swimming pool lane. Its responsive User Interface looks great on any device and has been designed with mobile users in mind.

Student and staff requests for room and equipment bookings can create an unsustainable workload for your Administrative Team. With Resource Booker, advanced Rules and Permissions control who can book what, and when they can book it - on a per-resource basis. Enforce an approval process or make bookings automatic. Administrators are in full control.

Intuitive and easy to use, Resource Booker can be deployed at your institution without the need for training. Users are kept up to date on the status of their bookings with configurable email notifications.

"It’s completely self-explanatory; you can’t help but book something!”
Dries De Beukelaer - Karel de Grote University College

  • Make better use of resources by making it easier for staff and students to discover and book them.
  • Simplify resource management with a single, flexible system that makes it is easier to manage different types of equipment and spaces, even across faculties or campuses.
  • Improve staff and student satisfaction by empowering students to make and manage their own resource bookings.
  • Sustain a vital service without overloading the IT department, using a Cloud-based architecture that minimises impact on existing local infrastructure. 
  • Ability to check the availability of rooms and equipment and book them on the move from a mobile device.
  • Support bookings for rooms, other spaces and equipment with data-driven booking screens, and administration screens where a local application manager can make new resources available to book.
  • Ability to book one or more resources in the same booking.
  • Booking confirmations and change alerts sent automatically by e-mail.
  • Single Sign-On support enables staff and students to log in with their existing username and password.
  • Optional approval process for bookings of specific resources.
  • Support for granular booking permissions based on user role and resource.
  • Room, staff and student availability synched with Syllabus and Enterprise Timetabler in near real-time by a synching client.   

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